Get More Sales With Video

Easy. Simple. Video! Get More Sales

Get more sales with video.

Get More Sales Easy Simple Video

If you are in any type of sales, then video is one sales tool that ought to be in your sales toolkit.

It is no longer a matter of ‘should you start using video‘ but ‘why are you not using video?

In the early 1990’s, when I first started following up with video, it was expensive. In fact, many people did not even have the software to play what I sent them.

Today, you can send video email directly from your smartphone.

And, a subscription through a quality video email service provider  is about the cost of a coffee a day. (more…)

Video for Sales Not Just About Lead Conversion

Not Just For Lead Conversion

Video for Sales Easy Simple Video

 Video for Sales: It’s Not Just about Lead Conversion

Why Video for sales?

  • To humanize and differentiate.
  • To save time.
  • To communicate more clearly and connect more effectively.
  • For lead follow up, nurturing, and conversion.
  • For repeat and referral business.
  • For sales acceleration.

There are so many reasons and so many ways to use video for sales. (more…)

Personalized Marketing Through Easy Simple Video Gets Results

Easy Simple Video for Everyone

Personalized marketing through easy simple video gets results.

Personalized Marketing Easy Simple Video Gets Results

When you think “Personalized,” think words and content swapped in by mail merge or variable data.

Think email sends automated based on trigger events.

When you receive an email with your first name in the subject line or in the email body, you think personalized. This tactic results in more email open rates

When you receive an email based explicitly on your past behavior or expressed interests, you see it as personalized. (more…)